Is The World A Riskier Place?

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by Bob Lilly on Sep 27, 2017

A Chicago Personal Insurance Update

Many people believe that the world is becoming a risky place and it is getting worse every year.  People do not feel as safe at home or work as they did just a few years ago, according to the 2016 Travelers risk index study. 

We thought it would be interesting to look at what kinds of risks are making people less safe.  Many of these risks can be covered under a traditional homeowner’s insurance policy.  Even some business insurance policies can include coverage for these risks, if written correctly.

Why People Feel The World Is Less Safe

  • Weather risks. There seems to be an increase of natural disasters that cause considerable loss and damage.
  • Personal Privacy. The use of drones has caused a concern with personal privacy.
  • Technology. Cyber breaches and identity theft occurs to thousands of people every day.
  • Foreign Travel. Many people desire to travel abroad at some time, but with terrorist’s attacks in many countries, safety becomes a real concern.
  • Auto Accidents. With continued development of automated vehicles, people are concerned with how effective these will actually be.

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