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Are Your Chicago Auto Insurance Premiums Increasing?

Oct 16 2017 Auto Insurance It is common for people to ask us why their auto insurance premiums going up. In some cases, it is due to an increase in accidents or tickets. However, there are many other reasons auto insurance... more

Is The World A Riskier Place?

Sep 27 2017 A Chicago Personal Insurance Update Many people believe that the world is becoming a risky place and it is getting worse every year. People do not feel as safe at home or work as they did just a few years ago,... more

Hidden Costs of a DUI For Chicago Drivers

Jun 21 2017 Chicago Auto Insurance Update Driving drunk is dangerous to you and others on the road. A DUI will cost you much, including the loss of your insurance. But the loss of your auto insurance may be the least of your... more

Little Known Facts About Chicago Auto Insurance

Apr 19 2017 Chicago Auto Insurance You buy auto insurance to protect yourself when you have an accident or claim. When something bad happens you want your auto insurance company to respond. When it comes to auto insurance,... more

How Our Sharing Economy Is Creating New Risks?

Mar 14 2017 We live in a digital world that now allows us to share everything from our car, bike, boat, apartment and even our home with total strangers. Smart phones, and the applications that can be added, offer many useful tools,... more

Do You Have The Same Risks As The Downton Abbey Family?

Feb 28 2017 Downton Abbey Has Real Life Insurance Implications The Downton Abbey series is over. It was the most successful British TV series in history, and is translated in over 250 languages. It is interesting to consider the... more

How can I save money on car insurance?

Dec 10 2010 The price you pay for your auto insurance can vary by hundreds of dollars, depending what type of car you have and the insurance company you buy your policy from. Here are some ways to save money. Shop around Prices... more

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