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How to Minimize Holiday Risks

Nov 14 2017 A Personal Insurance Update November is here and that means the holiday season has started. Over the next number of weeks, holiday activities will consume much of our time. This is also the season when homeowners have ... more

Trick Or Treat… Are You Covered

Oct 16 2017 A Chicago Homeowners Insurance Update Your homeowners insurance covers many different kinds of risks including vandalism caused by trick-or-treaters. Now may be a good time to have a free home insurance review. In... more

You Just Got Sued For A Social Media Post

Aug 23 2017 A Texas jury has awarded a wedding photographer more than $1 million after determining a newly married couple unhappy with her work launched a social media campaign to post falsehoods about her. The... more

Can “Do It Yourself” Projects Jeopardize Your insurance?

Aug 16 2017 A Chicago personal Insurance Update Many people are remodeling their homes these days. However, before you jump into a project, you might consider the following home insurance issues. Most homeowner’s policies are... more

Is Your Businesses Growing?... Call Slevin Insurance Group

Jul 12 2017 A business insurance review Recently, small business owners were surveyed to help identify some of the top risks they faced when growing their businesses. Many small business owners are unaware of the new, and... more

How Cyber Liability Insurance Can Keep You in Business

Jul 12 2017 Almost every business has a cyber liability exposure. Most businesses are securing some form of coverage to protect their companies from these types of threats. A recent report by a leading insurance firm said that... more

Do Devices Like Amazon’s Echo and Alexa Create Personal Liability?

Jun 28 2017 A Personal Insurance Update More consumers are buying smart devices that tie in their smart phones and other home technology to the internet. The most current devices allow you to have direct access to the internet from... more

Update Your Chicago Home and Business Insurance To 3.0

Apr 26 2017 An Insurance Update Advancement in technology minimizes your risk and lowers your cost of personal insurance. Your insurance is part of a new wave of technology that is taking the country by storm. The insurance... more

How Our Sharing Economy Is Creating New Risks?

Mar 14 2017 We live in a digital world that now allows us to share everything from our car, bike, boat, apartment and even our home with total strangers. Smart phones, and the applications that can be added, offer many useful tools,... more

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Jun 8 2015 It is often surprising, as an insurance agent, to find out that many people have never heard of umbrella insurance before. So if you are just doing research for the first time on whether umbrella insurance is the right... more

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