How To Get Motivated About Safety


There is no question that there is a direct relationship between workplace injuries and employee performance. If an employee feels that management places an importance on safety, more work will get done and it will lead to company profitability. But don’t engage in a safety program just to increase profit. Developing sound safety practices is the right thing to do.

Workers’ compensation coverage pays for medical care and physical rehabilitation of employees injured at work and helps to replace lost wages while they are unable to work. Additionally, this coverage protects an employer from being sued by an injured worker in most cases.

The latest statistics show that 4,383 workers were killed on the job in 2016. There were four categories of injuries that caused the most workplace deaths:

  • Falls – 278 out of 775 total deaths in construction in CY 2012 (36%)
  • Struck by Object – 78 (10%)
  • Electrocutions – 66 (9%)
  • Caught-in/between – 13 (2%)

Source: Provided by OSHA

The good news is that workplace injuries are down over the past 20 years. We believe this can be attributed to companies following these ten safety rules.

  1. Management must take the lead in all safety matters. If management is not supportive it will not be successful.
  2. Create a safety committee to oversee the program. Hold regular meetings, review accidents and develop policies and procedures.
  3. Create a safe and clean work environment. Complete regular safety inspections.
  4. Avoid unnecessary hazards. Do routine inspections of your workplace to identify risks.
  5. Maintain all machinery in good working order. It is your responsibility to ensure that all machinery is in good working order.
  6. Provide clear work instructions. Provide thorough training and clear, written instructions, and make sure that each worker reads and acknowledges your safety program.
  7. Ask your insurance company or broker to help you develop and manage your safety program. These partners offer tremendous resources.
  8. Know and follow all OSHA safety rules and guidelines.
  9. Train all employees on following sound safety rules.
  10. Hazard Prevention and Control. Develop safety procedures around all hazardous activities.

Please consider how your business might incorporate safety into your everyday work environment. Slevin Insurance Group understands businesses in the community. You can find our offices in Plainfield, and our clients all around Illinois. As an independent insurance agency in Plainfield, we take pride in reviewing your options with multiple insurance companies and comparing protection and prices to find the best value for your business.

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