How to Make Your Home Safer for Your Family

A Personal Insurance and Safety Update

It may be impossible to prevent every kind of accident or injury in your home. However, one reason you buy homeowners insurance is to protect your family against the unknown accidents that might happen.  Nevertheless, there are a number of things you can do to help prevent accidents or damage from occurring including:

  1. Clean all dryer filters regularly.
  2. Change your furnace filters per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  3. Make sure you know where your water shut-off valve is.
  4. Check your foundation annually for cracks.
  5. Trim trees that are too close to your home.
  6. Place smoke detectors in every bedroom and replace batteries annually.
  7. Install a home security system.
  8. Keep all home cleaning products and disinfectants out of children’s reach.
  9. Properly dispose of all used oily rags and combustible materials.
  10. Keep all tools and lawn equipment stored away from children
  11. Make sure all your guns and ammo are in a locked cabinet.
  12. Review your electric panel and make sure you know what each circuit controls.
  13. Always follow manufactures instructions when using electrical cords.
  14. Always store gas in approved containers well away from heat sources and children.
  15. Never leave keys, phones, or other valuables in the open when others are in your home.
  16. Store cash, jewelry, and other valuables in a safe or safety deposit box.

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